Monday, August 28, 2006

Cabo Pulmo trip, part two

About 60 kilometers north of San Jose del Cabo, we cut over to the coast on a smaller paved road. Between Las Cuevas and La Ribera, we saw the "Taste" sign that I had seen on Flickr. At La Ribera, we drove south along the coast, first on a small paved road, then on a dirt road for 10K until we came to Cabo Pulmo.

We met Bob, Lisa, Pete, Phil, Shannon, and Syndee at Cabo Pulmo Resort, where we stayed. They were staying in a large beachside unit. We stayed in a smaller "village casita." We thought we were getting a place with two rooms and air conditioning. As it turned out, we had one room and fans -- if we had read the website carefully, we would have learned that there was only one unit with AC and two rooms. Someone else was lucky enough to book that place.

It was dinner time so we thought we'd try Nancy's, one of four restaurants in Cabo Pulmo. Nancy's is supposed to be the gourmet one so we thought we'd have a good chance of getting vegan fare there. Once we sat down, however, we realized that there wasn't much for the vegans except for salad and that wouldn't do. So we left and ate at the Coral Reef, which is above the office at Cabo Pulmo Resort. We got rice and beans for JH but the beans were too spicy so he just ate rice. I had shrimp, which was pretty good. Unfortunately, there were a lot of flies buzzing around us as we ate our dinner and drank Negra Modelo.

During dinner, we tried to get JH to say, "Mexico," by chanting it to him over and over again (pronouncing the "xi" part like "hee"). We did succeed in getting him to say, "Meh meh meh," but he wouldn't go past "Meh."

I got some nice photos of the sunset over the hills.


After dinner, we set up the baby monitor in our casita, put JH in his Pack and Play (it has a tarp with mosquito netting, which was great) and sat with our friends for a while. Although it was hot, the beach and sea were lovely. I prepared myself for a day of doing almost nothing.


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