Monday, February 27, 2006

San Francisco almost blew away tonight

Creak! Crackle!

"What was that?"

It was the typical rush that happens when we think it's an earthquake. I got in the doorway and wondered if I should go in the baby's room and grab him.

The noise subsided and picked up again.

"I think it was thunder," I said.

"No, the house shook," Sara explained. "I definitely felt it."

"Well, I didn't feel it in the study. It must be the wind."

I went back to work.

Creak! Crackle! Shudder.

This time, I felt it. Then the power flickered.

On the news tonight we heard that wind gusts of 98 mph were recorded at Angel Island (in the San Francisco Bay). It's like a hurricane out there!

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